ATV / UTV Insurance

Four-wheelers and side-by-sides can be serious fun, so make sure you and your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or utility vehicle (UTV) are protected whether you’re a full-time rancher or part-time adventure seeker.

All Terrain Vehicle Insurance

Is ATV insurance required?

Not all states mandate insurance on your ATV or UTV, but places where you ride it might—like private property areas and state or public parks. Also, if you’re financing your vehicle, some lenders will require comprehensive and collision coverage.

Is your ATV covered by your home insurance policy?

Home insurance typically covers your ATV for scenarios on your property only. That means you’ll need a separate ATV/UTV policy for accidents that occur away from home. Plus, even if your home and ATV insurance are with the same company, it’s usually more cost effective to file an insurance claim under your ATV policy rather than your home policy.

What does ATV/UTV insurance cost?

Your price will depend on many factors, including your ATV’s make, model and location. Your age and driving history will also help determine your rate.

Can Cen-Tex Insurers insure all ATV, UTV, and side-by-side brands?

We insure nearly all popular makes and models, including but not limited to Polaris, Can-Am (BRP),  Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki.

ATV insurance discounts

Here are some of the many discounts you could qualify for when you buy ATV or UTV insurance policy from through one of our carriers:

  • Safety course: If you’ve completed an approved ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile safety course within the past three years, you’ll receive a discount on your ATV policy.
  • Multi-policy: Already have another policy with the same carrier, such as auto, home, renters, RV or boat? We’ll add a discount for bundling to your ATV policy. 
  • Pay in full: Pay your ATV policy in full, up front, and we’ll add another discount.
  • Responsible driver: Safe drivers deserve to be rewarded, and you’ll get a discount if you’ve had no accidents or motor vehicle violations in the last three years.

What does ATV/UTV insurance cover?

ATV/UTV coverages will protect your vehicle and/or your finances if you’re sued because you’re liable in an accident. Our licensed agents will walk you through the available coverages so you can ride with maximum peace of mind.

Standard Coverages

Bodily injury and property damage liability

Pays for injuries you cause to someone else or damages to their vehicle or property while you’re riding your ATV or UTV. Legal costs are also covered if you’re sued.

Liability coverage isn’t required by law in every state, but injuries often cost ATV owners thousands. Bodily injury coverage, especially, can help you avoid a potential financial burden as the average injury claim is over $10,000.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury and property damage

Covers you and your passengers if you’re on your quad or side-by-side and are injured by another driver or rider with no insurance or not enough insurance. You’re also covered if an uninsured/underinsured driver damages your vehicle.

Comprehensive and collision

A chief concern among ATV owners is protecting their vehicle against theft. Comprehensive coverage pays to repair or replace your ATV (or UTV) if it is stolen, vandalized, or damaged due to fire, hitting an animal or an act of nature. Collision covers damage to your vehicle if you’re in an accident with another vehicle or object.

Comprehensive and collision aren’t mandatory unless you’re financing your ATV but are highly recommended if you wish to safeguard your vehicle.

Medical Payments

If you’re in an accident with your ATV or UTV, even if you simply fall off your vehicle, medical payments can pay for medical and funeral expenses (up to your policy’s limits) for you and your passengers.

In some states, personal injury protection is offered for medical payments and protects you similarly.